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Hunting Tips and Land Management by Pete Rogers

Big Bore Rifles for Whitetail Deer by Pete Rogers - 11-24-2014
    Big Bore Rifles for Whitetails   Contrary to the last edition where we focused on light calibers for whitetail deer in the Carolina’s and Georgia and beyond. This edition we are going to look at big bore rifles for th... Read More
Opening of Waterfowl Season by Pete Rogers - 11-22-2014
November 22 marks the opening of the first regular waterfowl season. This is the first of the split season and runs through Nov. 29. For many the opening of waterfowl is when hunting begins. With a maximum of a sixty day season, hunting ducks is a sp... Read More
Light Calibers for Whitetails by Pete Rogers - 11-19-2014
            The old adage penned from Robert Ruark, “use enough gun. . .” is a relative statement. It inherently poses the question; “how much is ‘enough’”? The purpoe of this story is to address the low side of ‘enough’.... Read More

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Elliott Recreational Properties & Whitetail Properties

Elliott Recreational Properties of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is proudly affiliated with Whitetail Properties, a nationwide real estate marketing group based in the famed Pike County of Illinois.

Whitetail Properties partners only with select real estate companies in trophy-producing areas who specialize in selling farm, ranch and recreational hunting properties. Their national marketing power includes an award-winning television series that airs 8 times a week, broadcast on three cable and satellite channels to reach 46 million households across North America, and a website that receives over 60,000 unique visitors each month.

Whitetail Properties TV is an ongoing television series that entertains, educates and informs viewers on quality land management practices. Each episode features exciting hunts for giant whitetails along with tips and how-to advice to help others bring their property ownership dreams to reality. Transforming a property into a true paradise requires time, energy and a wealth of knowledge. The Whitetail Properties TV show demonstrates what it takes to acquire and intensively manage property to produce trophy animals most land owners can only dream of.

Through our Whitetail Properties affiliation, clients of Elliott Recreational Properties are able to leverage our national and regional marketing campaigns to find and present some of the best recreational properties available in the United States. Through a network of dedicated Land Specialists, we offer a very unique service for those looking to buy or sell land.

We sincerely feel that our relationship with Whitetail Properties will ultimately provide our clients with a level of education, service and exposure they cannot receive elsewhere. Tune in to Whitetail Properties TV and bring your dreams to reality.