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Mastering the Pot Call

  Also known as the slate call, the Pot call is one of the simplest calls to begin fooling turkeys. The pot call uses a piece of slats, glass, crystal, ceramic, aluminum, etc. as a striking surface and a piece of wood or carbon as a striker to mimic the sound of a turkey. By holding the … [Read more...]

Mastering the Diaphragm Call

The diaphragm call is a great tool for those who know how to use it effectively. For those that do not – it is a choking hazard. Of all the calls we will look at this month, this may be the most difficult to master and yet it is one of the more popular. Its popularity arises in its lack of … [Read more...]

The Best Vest

  Turkey hunters and fly fishermen have the same problem. Their vests are so specific they are not good for anything else. Most weight anywhere between fifteen and twenty pounds with gear. An assortment of box calls, pot calls and a dozen strikers. Trumpet calls, wingbone, diaphragms of all … [Read more...]

The Great Inch Debate

  A few years ago I did a video on my YouTube channel that I titled “Why I do Not Shoot 3 ½” shells” The plethora of comments on the negative side has far outweighed those on the positive side. It is interesting to note that I had an injured shoulder and used a large pad to protect … [Read more...]

Optics for Turkey Guns

Optics for Turkey Guns   In the world of turkey hunting shotguns, there are three primary options for optics. We will look at all three and see which one is best for you and your situation. First is the traditional bead. Most turkey guns come with some sort of fiber optic sight on the … [Read more...]

Squirrel Hunting Basics

  As February rolls around, hunters and land managers are getting anxious about getting into the woods with a gun in your hand. For this time of year, few things are as fun as squirrel hunting. It is a low pressure affair. In most areas the eastern grey squirrel is in abundance, and … [Read more...]

Best of SHOT SHOW part 2


Best of SHOT show part 2, is really harder to narrow down than the first list. There are so many excellent products that finding the best is difficult. This list attempts to cover a variety or budgets and needs. Sitka Gear – Sub Alpine apparel I know I had Sitka in the first list, but this … [Read more...]

Best of SHOT Show Part 1

Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight in 6.5 Creedmoor

SHOT SHOW 2017 is a wrap for me and like always, I have put together a list of the items I saw that impressed me the most. Granted, I did not see everything and I am sure I missed some excellent products. Next year, I will stay longer and attempt the impossible and see it all. Here is a run down … [Read more...]

Woodcock Hunting


  Woodcock is quite the odd fellow. Small in stature, barely topping five ounces for bigger females and considerably less for the diminutive males. And to say he is a handsome bird is, well, generous. When it comes to wingshooting in the Carolina’s, few can match the excitement and when … [Read more...]

Begin Predator Control Now


Begin Predator Control Now   As deer season winds down, hunters and land managers are turning their attention to preparations for next season. (It seems to never end). Part of that preparation is a plan to remove predators from your property to improve recruitment rates for your … [Read more...]