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Tiny Predators

Tiny Predators


When we mention predators, we almost immediately think of coyotes, fox, bobcats and raccoons. However this time of year there are far more sinister predators lurking in the woods. These predators can and do cause a lot of damage to animals and humans annually. Ticks and snakes are without question two of the most threatening predators out in our woods and fields during the summer months. Knowing how to combat them is critical to our being able to enjoy the creation.

Ticks are without question the predator that causes me the most trepidation. This tiny parasite comes in several varieties, and while I am not a biologist who understands the different varieties, I do know that it is never good when I find one latched on some part of my body. Every adventure into the woods or fields isn’t complete without a full examination after the foray.

There are ways to limit the exposure to ticks and much of it isn’t pleasant. But these simple steps can help keep them away –

  1. Wear long pants and long sleeves.  – While I know this is difficult in the summer of the south, long pants with the pant opening either tucked into socks, long boots or tapes closed will prevent ticks from crawling up the pant legs and latching on in very uncomfortable places. An example of this occurred last summer when I failed to do this and I felt something crawling on my legs. I stopped and dropped my britches right there, and pulled seven ticks off of the inside of my pants and my legs.  – long sleeve shirts are difficult to wear when its ninety-eight degrees but the prevention of Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted fever make this worthwhile.
  2. Tuck in everything: Tuck in your pant legs  – into socks, or knee books. Tuck in your shirt. One of the most favorite places ticks will latch on is the waste line, just at the top of the britches. When they crawl along the outside of the pants, they find skin at the top of the pants and immediately latch on.
  3. Spray your clothes: I am a firm believer in this preventive measure. I will go through a lot of spray in the summer, but note the statement, I only spray my clothes. And the only ingredient that I personally believe in is DEET. This long tested chemical will repel ticks with ease. It’s been my experience that the spray needs to have a minimum of 40% DEET to be effective. Smaller percentages seem to be a waste of money. All of the top brands carry sprays with 40% DEET and stronger. Spray your britches, shirt, cap and top of boots, anything that could make come in contact with the ticks and you significantly limit the possibility.
  4. Fire: Studies show that the most effective manner to knock back the population of ticks is prescribed burns of your property. A good thorough burn will reduce the tick population by over 90% and this reduction will last for several years before they rebound. Plan to burn about every three to four years and you will keep the tick population at bay.

While this will not eliminate ticks from your property, using these methods will certainly reduce your exposure.