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Anatomy of a Whitetail Deer

One of the most important things you need to do before heading out for your first hunt on your North Carolina hunting land or even going to target practice is studying the anatomy of a whitetail deer.  Even if you are an experienced bow hunter, taking a look at a deer’s anatomy before heading out will remind you of the importance of your shot.

You should never take a shot unless you are 100% sure that it will result in a kill.  Taking a proper shot will reduce the chance of any suffering by the animal and will ensure a harvest.  Understanding the anatomy of the deer will make for a quick, clean harvest.  The best shots allow lots of room for error and target the vitals which are the lungs and heart.

Of course, there are always unforeseen circumstances, such as a twig or unseen limb.  The deer may move or you could mistakenly flinch while taking your shot.  Just don’t take a shot unless you feel you can hit a vital.

Locating the vitals on a deer you see on your hunting property can be difficult.  Particularly with bow hunting, you need to avoid the shoulder.  If you study the placement of the internal organs and structure of a whitetail deer, you will have a better understanding of where to aim.

Remember to always make an ethical decision when taking a shot.  Make sure you have a clear shot of the deer’s vitals, he is within range, and you have a powerful enough weapon to make the kill.