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Annual Report

          Barely three days left in the 2015 deer season and many things have happened to this point. South Carolina experienced a thousand year flood that had many hunters struggling to find their homes. Deer were displaced due to high water, food plots ruined, flooded or eroded beyond repair. Unusually high temperatures, more rain, and a little more rain. This season is one I for one am relieved is over.

Like many of you, the big bucks eluded me again. I did have a chance at on in October but missed. But I was fortunate enough to get some females for the freezer. Not as many as I hoped but enough for our property. We have strict harvest requirements and maximum amount of deer killed on the property so we are well under this number this season. Hopefully, we will see the benefits of this next season.

We did have an unusual number of smaller bucks spotted, this season. Far more than in years past. In fact we cannot find a season where the number of small bucks, (6 pt or smaller) were as many as this season. Our hope is that these will grow and in a year or two be the ones we are hoping they will be.

The number of coyotes spotted and killed were significantly higher than in years past. Hopefully this winter our trapping program can remove enough to limit their impact on the deer for the future. No doubt the coyote has had a negative impact on the deer herd in the southeast. Everything we can do to reduce their numbers the better we will be and the better the deer will be in the future.

The 2015 season for many is a season to remember, and for all sportsmen and women it should be one to hold on to in our minds. While the weather reaped havoc on most of us, we are blessed to have our loved ones and as this year winds down, all we can do is look forward to the opportunities that await us in the year to come. On a personal note, I hope that 2015 was everything you hoped it would be and 2016 is far better than you can imagine.