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Apple Tree Food Plots on your Hunting Land

Apple Tree Food Plots

There are many advantages to using apple trees for food plots on your North and South Carolina hunting land.  Whitetail deer, as well as many other wildlife, are extremely attracted to apple trees.  In some areas, where baiting and feeding are prohibited, apple trees provide the whitetails with attraction as well as nutrition.

Apple trees can be planted on even the smallest tracts of hunting land and don’t require excessive maintenance.  Many different varieties of apple trees will work very well for food plots.  Some of the most favorable varieties for wildlife are Honeycrisp, Honeygold, Liberty, Northwest Greening, Empire and Enterprise.  When researching what type of apple trees to plant on your hunting land, keep in mind that you’ll want a tree that keeps apples on its branches well into hunting season for maximum whitetail attraction.  You’ll probably want to limit the size of your plot to a manageable 10-20 trees.  Keep in mind that you must put up a temporary fence around your trees for the first several years to keep the deer from eating apples that are not ripe yet or even destroying the trees by eating their bark or rubbing.

If you take the time and effort to care for your apple tree food plots, you’ll probably see a large increase in whitetail sightings on your hunting land.