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Bedtime Surprise


Surprisingly most turkey hunters end their IMG_0478pursuit around noon. As mentioned in the earlier stories there is a lot of opportunity to kill mature birds as the day wears on. This is also true of late afternoon hunting. I know a lot of turkey hunters who will spend hours listening to see if they can ‘roost’ a bird before dark and return the next morning to try and kill him. I on the other hand prefer to ambush gobblers moving to their roost.

Case in point; for several mornings in a row, this Tom would gobble from the roost, ignore my calls of seduction and saunter off with the ladies in hopes of love sometime in the morning. On this particular occasion I decided to let him go, and return to this same spot two hours before sundown. So it was that I arrived and nestled in next to his roost tree two hours before sundown and I sat there quiet and patient in hopes he would decide to roost in the same tree or one nearby. As it got a little closer to evening, I began soft purr’s on the slate call, a few softer still clucks and more purrs. After a few minutes of this movement was spotted sixty yards ahead. The gobbler was on his way to his roost and I was ready – as he closed the distance, my Prime bow was ready, he passed a tree at fifteen yards and I drew and waited for him to walk past the tree. As soon as his body cleared the tree, his head went down to feed and the GoldTip arrow found its mark.

Gobblers historically roost in the same areas year after year. If you are fortunate enough to hunt the same ground, you know these areas, and setting up for an evening delight can be very productive. Especially when the birds are not cooperating in the mornings, set up in the evening and wait him out, it can often be very productive and worthwhile.