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Being Thankful


This year as the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching. I find myself, like many reflecting on the many things I have to be thankful for. And I know that I am very blessed and for those things I am thankful. For health, family, jobs, warm home and all of the trappings of life that most of us assume as part of living.

As sportsmen and women, not more than ever we need to be thankful for the privilege we have to pursue our passion in hunting, fishing and trapping. The horizon is not as clear on these past times as it once was. More and more pressure is being put on gun manufacturers, politicians and the courts to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. As the day of thanksgiving approaches, I find myself pondering just how long we will be able to enjoy the sports we cherish. As the politicians push for more and more gun control, and angles to limit our access to guns. We also see those who are limiting our access to public land. Eliminating seasons, putting ammunition restrictions on certain species, and making the mobility of carrying guns and ammunition across boundaries that were once open to transport.

No one can argue that there has been a rash of mentally ill persons using firearms to cause great harm on individuals. Our politicians want to say that in the case of terrorism, that the actions of a few radicals do not represent the whole of Islam. And in the same breath, they will say that the actions of a few radical gun owners DO represent the whole of gun owners. Hear me clearly, there is a strong push to find a way to take our guns away. If not directly, due to the 2nd amendment, then indirectly through ammunition restriction, license requirements, tighter hunting laws and shorter seasons. The horizon is not that clear or certain for hunters, trappers and anglers.

As this thanksgiving is approaching, and we are pausing to give thanks for the blessings God has given us. Be mindful of the privilege we have as sportsmen and women to pursue our passion in the outdoors. Stop and give thanks for the plentiful game, for the beautiful landscape in which we are allowed to pursue our passion and give thanks for those with whom we share these very special moments.

Yes, the future is dim, but if we as sportsmen will stand together and firm, we give our children and grandchildren hope for a brighter day when they too can stand together and give thanks for all they have.