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Get CanCooker for your Hunting Land

If you’re looking for a great way to cook up a lot of food with just a little work, you need to try CanCooker!  It’s an excellent piece of outdoor cooking equipment that easily cooks a full meal for a bunch of people. CanCooker works on any heatsource – stove, camp stove, propane stove, … [Read more...]

Earn Money with your Hunting Land

There are endless possibilities when you invest in a piece of recreational property in South Carolina.  Owners of recreational properties have the option to lease out their land while they won’t be using it and profit in the off season. A major plus for South Carolina recreational property … [Read more...]

Give Yourself a Chance!

Hunting deer, specifically in areas with low deer populations, is a challenge.  You need to give yourself the best chances possible to harvest a mature buck on your South Carolina hunting land. You need to make sure your deer stand is in an optimal place and position.  If you’re overlooking 4 … [Read more...]

Hunting Land for Sale in SC

If you’re looking for an excellent, midsize piece of South Carolina hunting property, look no further than Ace Parker’s listing in McCormick County, SC.  This is a turnkey property with lots of privacy.  The land is gated and has tons to offer a true sportsman.  The property comprises 165 … [Read more...]

Let ‘Em Go…

One of the hardest things for many hunters to do is to let small bucks go.  It is also one of the most important.  If you own your own piece of South Carolina or North Carolina hunting land, it might not be quite so hard, but in a heavily hunted area, it can really test your patience to let small … [Read more...]

Creating Funnels

Creating funnel situations is a great idea if you own your own South Carolina hunting land.  After hunting season is a good time to create funnels on your hunting property.  Funnels can be natural or created by hunters along a whitetail’s range that narrows his travel options and increases your … [Read more...]

Curious vs. Scared Bucks

Many times hunters will sabotage their own calling efforts by calling too often or simply at the wrong times.  It’s important to keep a buck curious and not scare it.  Keeping bucks on your Georgia hunting land is of utmost important.  Don’t overcall and scare them away. If you manage to … [Read more...]

Hunting Season

Depending on what Game Zone you’re located in, hunting season may either be well on its way or possibly starting tomorrow!  There are six Game Zones in South Carolina and each has different rules and regulations regarding types of hunts, use of weapons, etc. so be sure to check what Game Zone you … [Read more...]

Tips for Purchasing Hunting Land

Purchasing your own piece of hunting land in South Carolina is a very exciting endeavor.  There are many things to think about after you’ve made the decision to turn your dreams into a reality.  If you want to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for, be prepared to do some … [Read more...]

Bucks Relocating to Isolated Areas

As you know, bucks, particularly mature ones, can’t stand human intrusion in their living spaces.  Mature bucks will oftentimes relocate to an isolated area of your South Carolina hunting land where most hunters wouldn’t think to look.  Mature bucks have reached their level of maturity by … [Read more...]