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Get To Know Your Rifle

There are many important things to remember when preparing yourself for hunting your South Carolina hunting land this season.  Possibly the most important is that you remember to practice shooting your rifle before you are actually in your tree stand staring at a trophy buck!  Sighting your rifle … [Read more...]

Just Reduced in Columbus County, NC

This is an awesome piece of hunting land in Columbus County, North Carolina.  Just a short 30 minute drive from North Myrtle Beach, you’ll find these 110 acres of mixed-use land.  The property has about 35-40 acres of tillable land and is in agricultural production.  The rest of the acreage is … [Read more...]

Rattling a Buck

Rattling for a buck is often a great method to get a buck to come closer to your deer stand on your South Carolina hunting land.  Bucks will travel toward the sounds of two bucks fighting.  However, there are some very important things to remember before you even consider trying to rattle … [Read more...]

DNR Program Helps Feed Families

“GiveIn Game” is a donation program run by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  It is simply a program that connects people in need of food for their families to hunters who have extra deer meat to give away.  It is a free program and participants arrange the exchange on their own … [Read more...]

Is Scent-Masking Gear Necessary?

Regardless of whether you’re scouting or actually bowhunting, every possible precaution must be taken before entering a mature buck’s domain not to leave human scent. Precautions such as using scentless soap on yourself and your clothes, and wearing knee-high rubber boots.  In addition, I … [Read more...]

What Deer Actually Eat

There are many kinds of deer feed and supplemental food for deer on the market today.  But what do most deer eat that aren’t fed by humans?  It depends on where in the country you are, but in general, most deer eat nuts, grass, flowers, fruit, mushrooms, and farmers’ crops.  Depending on … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Whitetail Deer

One of the most important things you need to do before heading out for your first hunt on your North Carolina hunting land or even going to target practice is studying the anatomy of a whitetail deer.  Even if you are an experienced bow hunter, taking a look at a deer’s anatomy before heading out … [Read more...]

Aiming Your Bow

Have you ever been bow hunting out on your South Carolina hunting land and had a deer duck under one of your arrows?  Well, it happens.  Often.  Fortunately, deer haven’t learned to duck under your shots, they are simply reacting to the sound of the bowstring or the flight of the arrow by … [Read more...]

Bow Practice in the Offseason

Hopefully everyone has been practicing shooting their bow this offseason in preparation for the fall!  Practicing with your bow in the offseason will prove to be extremely beneficial come opening day.  Not only will you feel ready to shoot, but you’ll know that your equipment is in good working … [Read more...]

Land Partnerships

Many times, cost is what keeps potential landowners from realizing their dream of owning their own piece of South Carolina hunting land.  Certain properties can be too expensive and cash flow from hunting land is often very minimal in the short term.  Great South Carolina hunting properties can … [Read more...]