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Bow Hunters: Off-Season

It is so important to take care of your bow hunting equipment and keep yourself in shape during the off-season.  The last thing you want to do is spend the first chunk of your hunting time fixing or replacing bows and warming up.

The first thing you’ll want to do immediately when bow hunting season is over is properly store your bows.  They should be in a dry, climate-controlled place.  The garage is the last place you should leave them throughout the summer.  South Carolina heat can ruin a bow.  It is equally important to store your bow in the proper position.  Release the tension on compound bows and completely unstring recurve bows.  It’s also a good idea to hang them instead of to lay them flat.  Arrows should be stored separately rather than being bundled together, since this can damage fletchings.  Keep your broadheads separate from the bow to prevent them from accidentally cutting strings.

Next, you’ll want to keep your bow in good condition during the off-season.  Keep cables, strings and all other parts lubricated to prevent drying out.  Take your bow to the shop for a tune up and to replace rubber peep tubing if needed.  You may also want to upgrade your bow during this downtime.

You also need to keep yourself in good shape during the off-season so you will be ready on opening day.  Go to indoor or outdoor ranges to keep yourself in shape and get shooting practice in.  Some places have video screens that you can shoot at for a virtual hunting experience.  Practicing will not only keep your shot in check, but will also keep you familiar with your bow.

At target practice, use animal targets or 3D targets if available instead of blocks or circles.  Shot placement is just as important as shot accuracy.  If possible, practice shooting in the woods if that’s where you normally hunt.  This will keep you better prepared for actual hunting scenarios, such as shooting in the wind.

Hiking is also a good idea during the off-season.  It will keep you in shape and ready for opening day!