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Bow Hunting Tips

There are many things to keep in mind when bowhunting deer on your South Carolina hunting land. Usually, hunters will learn the hard way through failed shot opportunities.  Here are some pointers that may save you from learning the hard way and missing all-important shots during hunting season.

– Remember that if you can see a deer’s eyes that he can also see you.

– It doesn’t matter how high you hang your deer stand if you’re far enough away from the deer. If you’re far enough away, a deer only has to look up a couple degrees from the base of the tree to see you 20 feet up.

– If a deer is walking towards you, don’t draw your bow until he passes.

– Pay attention to the angle in which the deer is standing in relation to the angle the arrow will travel through the deer’s vitals. Ideally, you’ll want a double lung puncture.

– Wait until the deer’s vision is compromised before drawing your bow if at all possible.

– Make sure you don’t wait until the deer is too close before standing. As soon as you hear or see a deer approaching, you should slowly stand and get into position. Even if you don’t plan to shoot any of the deer you initially see approaching, you should stand in case the one you do plan to shoot is following.

– Don’t take iffy shots. Pass on a questionable shot if you’re not sure about it. If you miss or maim a trophy buck, you’ll have no chance on a second encounter.

– Take the first good shot you get. Don’t wait in hopes you’ll get a better shot. Sudden winds or another animal can change everything in an instant.

– Be careful not to draw your bow too soon. Trembling muscles can cause you to let down too early or cause you to miss or maim a deer.

– You don’t want to get caught mid-stride. Don’t wait too long before you draw your bow. Timing is so important. The best way to acquire this skill is to watch and study deer’s behavior.

– Keep calm when a shot presents itself. Think accuracy and form and execute as if you’re shooting your Yo Buddy target.