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Bow Hunting with Bear in the Carolinas

Bow Hunting with Bear

Becoming a successful bow hunter takes time and patience, especially for beginners, but even for the most advanced.  Like most things, practice makes perfect and it’s important to not only practice during the off-season, but also during the season when you’re not hunting to keep yourself in shape and maintain your strength and form throughout the season.  It also doesn’t hurt to use the best bow possible.

If you’re looking for a superior performance bow with the newest, best technology, check out Bear Archery.  Bear designs and builds their bows using new technology every year.  Their bows are light, strong and fast.  The dual arc offset string suppressors also make them shock-free and nearly silent at release.

Whether you’re an archery novice or pro, Bear probably has the perfect bow for you.  Their newest innovations include a flat-top cam, a zero tolerance limb cup, an advanced grip design and a lightweight, forgiving riser.  They also have incorporated 8 sealed ball bearings to deliver the smoothest draw.

Bear’s 2012 bowline includes 9 state-of-the-art bows, including one designed especially for women called the Siren, which has been named the Official Bow of Realtree Girl.  In the offseason, continue practicing and if you have the opportunity, try a Bear Archery bow and see the difference for yourself.

Rise up!  Check out their 2012 models, including the amazing Bear Anarchy, at www.beararcheryproducts.com.