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Bow Practice in the Offseason

Hopefully everyone has been practicing shooting their bow this offseason in preparation for the fall!  Practicing with your bow in the offseason will prove to be extremely beneficial come opening day.  Not only will you feel ready to shoot, but you’ll know that your equipment is in good working order.

Oftentimes, hunters forget to practice in their usual hunting gear.  Once in a while, you should practice in full gear – heavy hunting coat, gloves, facemask, rangefinder around your neck, the works.  Shooting in a t-shirt is much different than shooting in a real hunting situation.  You will also want to shoot from different elevations (like you are in your tree stand) and from a sitting position.  You might feel silly and it’s definitely a lot of extra work to get fully suited up, but it might mean the difference between a shot made and a shot missed.

Practicing in the offseason will keep you confident in your shooting skills as well as keep you physically and mentally at the top of your game.  Appropriate practice and preparation will give you an edge when you get the chance at a once-in-a-lifetime buck.

Instead of shooting one arrow after another at your target, take your time like you are actually shooting at an animal out on your South Carolina hunting land.  Breathe, anchor your pin on the center of the rib, push, pull, squeeze, follow through, and you will be ready for opening day.