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Broadheads fo Turkeys

T3 Mechanical Broadhead by G5 Outdoors



Fixed blade or Mechanical? Cut on impact or tipped? Two blade or three? The world of broadheads is very confusing, cumbersome and downright flooded with options.

As one archer said, it really is a matter of preference. I would add – to a point. (pun intended)

Selecting a good broadhead is indeed a matter or preference, but with some research we can still educate ourselves to the idea of what type is better, and what style. For example, I for one prefer mechanical broadheads over fixed blades. But I also know there are applications where the fixed out performs the mechanical. I also prefer three blade mechanical over two. And for turkeys, with a few inches of feathers before meat and vitals, a good strong head is essential for a quick kill.

Let’s face it, all of the top brands make good heads for turkeys. I will share what I use and why and let you decide from there what makes sense to you.

Options are many when selecting a good broadhead for turkey's

For mechanical heads, I have seen the destruction and devastation that the T3 from G5 Outdoors makes on deer and turkeys and there is no reason to look elsewhere. This 100 gr head sports 3 blades and cuts a full 1 ½” wound channel through the animals. It flies as good as any field point and had never failed to open. For my money, it’s the best mechanical out there. For the two blade fans G5 just introduced a version called the Havoc that sports a full 2” cutting diameter. But as I said, I prefer three blades over two, more cutting surface means a quicker kill.

Other good mechanical heads include the Rocket 3 blade this three blade offers a full 2” cutting and will quickly dispatch any turkey. The rubber band is a concern for some, and they tend to deteriorate between one season to the next. But it is still a good head.

Rocket Mechanical gives a 2" cutting diameter

In the fixed blade category, it’s hard to beat the MONTEC also by G5 Outdoors. This one piece three blade broadhead

Montec by G5 Outdoors a fixed 3 blade one piece

comes in the 100 gr configuration and carry with it the added feature of being able to re-sharpen – which is essential for me when it comes to fixed blades. Other good fixed blade heads are the Muzzy three blade (Replaceable blades)

Most turkey hunters know that their shots are limited in range, still with the small vital area it’s important to know where the head will fly. Practicing with broadheads is something a lot of people talk about but few do. Broadheads are so expensive, archers don’t want to mess up a good head to practice or they simply don’t take the time to practice. You owe it to yourself and the bird to know with confidence when you release that arrow where it is going to hit.

Selecting a good broadhead can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Follow these steps to selecting a good broadhead and your confidence in killing that Tom will increase and your trophy room will get more crowded.