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Bucks Relocating to Isolated Areas

As you know, bucks, particularly mature ones, can’t stand human intrusion in their living spaces.  Mature bucks will oftentimes relocate to an isolated area of your South Carolina hunting land where most hunters wouldn’t think to look.  Mature bucks have reached their level of maturity by finding these pockets to hide in when humans have taken over their bedrooms, feeding areas, etc.

The first place you might want to check, if possible, are areas with heavy cover within the big timber.  Other areas to try might include briar patches along fence lines, heavily weeded drainage areas, small wooded areas away from the big timber, a weed-choked depression in the middle of a field, or a cattail lined slew.

Since bucks hiding in these areas are on high alert, it is very difficult to hunt and especially approach these parts of your hunting property.  You’ll probably need to put up a stand or blind in the area and not return for several days.  When it’s time to go back, enter the area very early, long before daylight.  Stay very still and don’t grunt or rattle.  This will give you the best chance of catching the buck off-guard when he returns.