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Carry Now While You Can


Carry Now While you Can

I sat down to write a story about the joy of sitting in nature and enjoying everything God has created when the news broke about the shooting in California. Amidst the carnage in the aftermath all we are hearing from the media and from the current administration that the answer is more gun control. When the truth is simply that we are living in a war that is different from any we have seen in history. And whether the current president wants to admit it or not the answer is not more gun control.

Much has been written about the crime rate and gun control. Studies and statistics show very clearly that the cities that have the most strict gun control laws also have the highest crime rates. We will not get into that debate here, but will use the logic of what I call common sense.

Common sense for me is defined as the thing that most people will conclude when the obvious is present. This too is a delicate definition because we know we are not dealing with people that are capable of concluding what is obvious.  Even our president is not capable of this at times when he refuses to call a spade a spade. Radical Islam and ISIS are one and the same and they are bringing their reign of terror all across the globe. Whether he, or the media want to admit it or not, it is happening. Now in California, this act of terrorism by radical Muslims is being re-labeled.

I will not pretend to have an answer to what causes these extremist to attack our western way of life and try and cause terror in our everyday. The cause is difficult to determine, but in my estimation the ability to stop it is very much within our control. If just one person in that office complex was carrying their concealed weapon they would have had the opportunity to stop the killing before it got too far. (Whether or not they decided to use that weapon is not the issue – they could have if they had one with them) The media reports the gunmen fired shots for over seven minutes. More than enough time for someone carrying to defend themselves and those around them.

Common sense in the world we are living is says that more and more Americans need to get their concealed carry permits and begin carrying all of the time. This at least gives them the OPTION of defending themselves in these cases of terrorism.

I fear that the current administration and the liberal members of the House and Senate will do everything they possibly can to repeal individuals right to carry concealed. They will begin to tax ammunition, or abolish it all together. They will find a way around the 2nd Amendment, by keeping the individual “right” to keep and bear arms, but limit their ability to use them. I expect guns to be taxed to prevent the legal sale of these guns, I expect ammunition to be in limited supply with purchase restrictions and who knows what else.

It is so sad to see the carnage that occurred in California, senseless killing of innocent people is terrorism. I for one, will proudly and legally carry everywhere I can and be prepared to protect myself and my family. I encourage everyone else to do the same. As terrorism grows in our midst, we should use the laws in our favor to protect ourselves.