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Fishing in the Carolinas

As you may already know, there are some really excellent, unique fishing opportunities in the Carolinas.  You won’t need a license for saltwater fishing, but you will for fishing lakes, streams, and ponds.   You can purchase your license at www.ncwildlife.org or visit www.dnr.sc.gov.  You can … [Read more...]

Christmas Wish List for Sportsmen

As Christmas is quickly approaching, it becomes difficult to find the right item to get that sportsman/woman in your family. Here are a few suggestions for that special someone. 1. A New Gun! Few sportsmen or women will ever scoff at a new gun. 2. Game Cameras: My personal favorite is the … [Read more...]

Earn Money with your Hunting Land

There are endless possibilities when you invest in a piece of recreational property in South Carolina.  Owners of recreational properties have the option to lease out their land while they won’t be using it and profit in the off season. A major plus for South Carolina recreational property … [Read more...]

Trout Senses

A great trout fisherman has a good understanding of the senses the fish uses.  Trout have three main senses.  Knowing these senses will put you at an advantage when you’re fishing on your South Carolina property. Trout have a very powerful sense of smell.  Humans often don’t think of this … [Read more...]