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Best of SHOT SHOW part 2

Best of SHOT show part 2, is really harder to narrow down than the first list. There are so many excellent products that finding the best is difficult. This list attempts to cover a variety or budgets and needs. Sitka Gear – Sub Alpine apparel I know I had Sitka in the first list, but this … [Read more...]

Best of SHOT Show Part 1

SHOT SHOW 2017 is a wrap for me and like always, I have put together a list of the items I saw that impressed me the most. Granted, I did not see everything and I am sure I missed some excellent products. Next year, I will stay longer and attempt the impossible and see it all. Here is a run down … [Read more...]

Best New Products Part 3

Best New Products Part 3 As we wrap up the best new products of 2016 that were revealed at the ATA show in Louisville, I wanted to finalize the best of the best products. So now we will highlight the products that fall into the miscellaneous category. The remainder of the items that I made note … [Read more...]

Best New Products – Part 2

  Picking up where we left off last time with the newest and best products of 2016 that were at the ATA show in Lousiville, KY. Once again let me say clearly, the items I am discussing are the items that I personally saw and believe are the best in their respective category. Last time we looked … [Read more...]

Best New Products Part 1

  Recently while attending the Archery Trade Association show in Louisville Ky, I toured all of the new bows, crossbows, treestands, packs, and every accessory you can imagine in the world of hunting. Contrary to the SHOT show, the ATA is strictly a hunting show. Well, with the exception of … [Read more...]

News From the Archery Trade Association

  Returning from Indianapolis yesterday I reminisced about the 2015 Archery Trade Association’s annual trade show. This is a dealer only show, when the manufactures in the industry introduce all of their new products for the year. As always there were some surprises, some disappointments … [Read more...]

ATA Roundup

  Last week I attended the Archery Trade Association (ATA) trade show in Nashville, Tennessee. This annual show highlights the new offerings in the world of archery. Hunting and target archery is represented by everything one can imagine in the sport. It is quite the challenge to highlight a … [Read more...]

I Am a Hunter

     I Am a Hunter             In a world where trophies are celebrated by measuring tapes and adventures, where testosterone trumps skill and experience is entrusted to paid guides. I choose to measure my time afield differently. I know I am not alone, I along with a few others, … [Read more...]

NEW Products from the Archery Trade Association (ATA Show)

ATA Show – New products for 2013   This past week I attended the Archery Trade Association (ATA) annual trade show in Louisville, KY. This show unlike many others is not open to the public. Rather, it’s an opportunity for manufacturers of archery related equipment to show off … [Read more...]

Whitetail Properties TV

Whitetail Properties TV is a show designed to excite and educate the viewer about owning and managing farmland to grow and hold giant whitetails. Whitetail Properties TV provides viewers a unique blend of hunting, land management and featured high-quality hunting properties for sale.  Within each … [Read more...]