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Have you ever wondered? Have you ever sat, breeze against your cheek as dawn breaks through the horizon and wondered? Have you found yourself holding your breath mesmerized at the light that transforms fear ridden darkness into familiar comforting surroundings? Yellowish rays slicing through barren … [Read more...]

Deer Hunters Gift Guide

  Family, friends and spouses of hunters always face a dilemma when Christmas rolls around. What do I get the deer hunter in my family? There are so many items to choose from. Most hunters will be happy with most anything related to our passion. However, some items stand out as great items … [Read more...]

To Pee or Not to Pee

  One of the biggest debates among deer hunters is the topic of urination? Oddly enough, grown men can sit around and discuss their biological function of voiding fluids with straight faces and even heated conversations. Some will argue that urinating in the deer woods not only ruins that … [Read more...]

Cold Front Haven

  Cold Front Haven   The 2017 Whitetail deer hunting season has seen some dramatic weather. From excessive heat to drought to hurricanes and record rainfall. Portions of the Carolina’s and Georgia have seen flooding while others had periods of months without rain at all. On a … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Opening

          With the onset of Thanksgiving, hunters everywhere are celebrating. Everything is open now…….well, most everything. Thanksgiving has traditionally been the opening of many of the small game seasons. Rabbit hunters are running beagles, quail hunters are following pointers, and … [Read more...]

Be Mobile for Success

          Climbing into the stand I knew the wind would be great. I had waited for this wind all season. After twenty minutes of sitting the wind made a 180 degree switch and started blowing at my back directly into the bedding area. Frustrated but not wanting to blow up the stand, I … [Read more...]

Face to Face

  We all love to sit in a tree and see bucks walking around oblivious to our presence. But have you ever tried it while sitting on the ground? Thirty five years ago when I started deer hunting I did not have a tree stand. I used five gallon buckets for a seat and leaned against the trunk of … [Read more...]

Still Hunting Bucks

  Drizzle had been the norm for several days. Late fall weather patterns vary with wide degrees of certainty. Finally, after weeks of dry weather and temperatures above normal, some much needed rain was occurring and it was occurring in ways that we needed. Slow soaking drizzle that would … [Read more...]

Find the Girls to get the Bucks

  As November gets going the rut is still active in many parts of the Carolina's. Hunters are seeing and killing more big bucks. There are many common denominators that occur this time of year. First, the bucks begin to let their guard down. They are simply not as cautious as before. When … [Read more...]

All Does are Hussies

  Some girls are easy, and some play hard to get. This is a fact all teenage young men come to realize early in their courting life. Those that are easy, tend to be the ones we do not bring home to meet our parents. Those who are a little hard to get prove to be more of the type we move into … [Read more...]