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Hounding Squirrels

  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to tag along on a squirrel hunt unlike I am accustomed. It seems that in certain parts of the southeast, hunting squirrels with the aid of a well-bred and trained dog is just the ‘cat’s meow’ as it were. David Catoe of Lugoff, SC has a young dog … [Read more...]

Why Turkeys

          Archibald Rutledge, a South Carolina native known the world over as a great southern writer, sportsman and hunter once commented: “Some men are mere hunters; others are turkey hunters.” Rutledge recognized that all who pursued the most glorious of game birds were indeed a … [Read more...]

Getting Some Meat for Your Freezer

  One of the most debated questions among deer hunters is when is the best time to shoot does? And which does are better to shoot old mature does, or younger does? While I am sure some will disagree with my position on this issue, nonetheless, here is where I come down on this … [Read more...]

Chasing Bunny’s

     When it comes to sheer fun in the sporting world, few things match the race of a pack of beagles hot on the trail of a cottontail rabbit. Like a lot of hunting, rabbit hunting is not as popular as it once was due to the emphasis on big game. However, many of us got our start in the … [Read more...]

Dealing with the Heat

Dealing with the Heat   Most hunters in the lowcountry of South Carolina are counting down the days until opening day of deer season. For many it’s a long tradition to begin hunting the August 15 opener. While we have the distinction of having the earliest opening in the country. There … [Read more...]

Basic Orienteering

  For most hunters in the south, land parcels are fairly small. However there are instances where basic orienteering skills are necessary to find our way in the woods. Often when trailing wounded game as light is fading, we lose our position and needing a reference is critical to getting our … [Read more...]

Broadheads fo Turkeys

    Fixed blade or Mechanical? Cut on impact or tipped? Two blade or three? The world of broadheads is very confusing, cumbersome and downright flooded with options. As one archer said, it really is a matter of preference. I would add – to a point. (pun intended) Selecting a … [Read more...]

Bow Hunting Turkeys

          As turkey hunting has grown in popularity over the past few decades. Hunters have moved to increasing the odds in the turkey’s favor – (as if they needed it). Many dedicated bow hunters have been hunting turkeys with archery gear for some time. While it’s true that turkeys can … [Read more...]

Scouting For Turkeys

Seeing Turkeys is the best sign when scouting

Scouting for Turkeys   Some turkey hunters across the south will spend very little time scouting for turkeys in their favorite haunts. Referring instead to where they saw turkeys during deer season. Experience shows however, that turkeys seen in November are seldom in the same areas in … [Read more...]

Hunting Predators

Hunting Predators   As hunters many of us are always looking for a challenge to test our skill. As whitetail hunters and turkey hunters, we also have a dedication and to some degree a responsibility to manage our herds and flocks. While the rise of coyotes in North Carolina, South … [Read more...]