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Gun Control

Let’s start by reiterating the obvious fact that guns do not kill people.  People kill people.  Spoons also don’t cause obesity, so hopefully the government doesn’t try to ban them next. The fact is, gun control will NOT stop criminals from committing or attempting murder.  There are … [Read more...]

Pigs, Pigs and more Pigs

  If ever there were a two edged sword in the world of the outdoors the feral hog is it. These animals are some of the most destructive animals in our ecosystem, doing millions of dollars of damage annually to our forest and fields. Yet they are some of the most fun to hunt. Farmers all … [Read more...]

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Hope everyone has a safe, happy New Year's Eve tonight!  Thank you for a great 2012!   … [Read more...]

Decoying Ducks

  Waterfowl hunters everywhere have their own methods of placing decoys. Form the number of decoys, to the type (Species) to the size and method of placement of these fake ducks. All of which are productive, and some are more so than others. Whether hunting small waters or large bodies of … [Read more...]

Rub Lines to Success

When it comes to locating sign for big bucks nothing stands out like big rubs. This sign is easily identified, easily found and for some of the most successful hunters the number one sign they look for. “Rubs” also known as tree rubs, are used for many purposes. Some are used to remove the … [Read more...]

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Don’t Forget the Girls

According to Kip Adams and the Quality Deer Management Association’s 2012 deer report. The fastest growing segments in the hunting industry are females ages 14-23. Think about that for a minute, in a sport that has been for centuries dominated by the male of our species. The fastest growing groups … [Read more...]