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Creating Funnels

Creating funnel situations is a great idea if you own your own South Carolina hunting land.  After hunting season is a good time to create funnels on your hunting property.  Funnels can be natural or created by hunters along a whitetail’s range that narrows his travel options and increases your ability to catch him.

A good idea is to start with an area that is already in a natural funnel situation and make it perfect.  Narrow down the number of trail choices the deer have to force them through your tunnel where your tree stand will be hanging on the other side.  Even if you find a really good natural funnel, there’s usually still too many trails for you to cover.  Creating an unnatural funnel will be extremely helpful to you.

Create an unnatural funnel by blocking trails with fallen trees or running hog wire fencing diagonally across part of the timber strip.  If you share the land with other hunters, be sure to let them know before you make any land alterations.

It’s best to create these funnels in the post season since this will allow them enough time to adjust to them and you won’t have to worry about disturbing or scaring any deer!  They will have plenty of time to get used to the funnels and won’t remember you next hunting season.