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Curious vs. Scared Bucks

Many times hunters will sabotage their own calling efforts by calling too often or simply at the wrong times.  It’s important to keep a buck curious and not scare it.  Keeping bucks on your Georgia hunting land is of utmost important.  Don’t overcall and scare them away.

If you manage to rattle a buck within bow range, be careful not to rattle again if he doesn’t see anything when he looks around.  To put it into context, imagine if you heard people finding near you, but there was no one in sight.  It might make you curious, but also nervous or even scared if you don’t see anything.  When you start to walk away and suddenly hear the fighting again, it’ll definitely make you scared.  It’s often wise for a hunter to sit tight and not continue to rattle if the buck doesn’t see anything the first time he’s brought to you out of curiosity.

Mature bucks are smart and will become very cautious and probably run away if they hear something very close by but see nothing.  If he does run away, you might want to just sit quietly and wait him out.  If you caught his initial interest, he might come back later and give the area another glance.