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Deer Decoys on Georgia hunting land

Deer Decoys

Deer decoys are an interesting, different way of luring does and bucks to you out in the field on your Georgia hunting land.  There are portable decoys you can purchase that are lightweight and easy to carry and can be very effective.  Decoys work in the same way calls, rattling, and scents do; deer are either attracted by the sight, sounds, or scents, or are just curious about the new “animal” in their area.

There are several factors to take into consideration when testing out a new decoy.  First, be sure not to get any human scent on the decoy.  Use Tink’s Vanish spray and Scent-Lok gear and gloves when handling.  Place the decoy in a high-use, natural area.  For example, be sure not to place a bedded decoy on a trail.  Make sure you’re not in a direct line from the decoy and where you expect other deer to come from, so they don’t see you.  Place the decoy within a reasonable shooting distance from you with its back facing you, since bucks often approach does from behind.  Use buck or doe scents or a decoy with built-in tail motion to attract bucks to the decoy.

Depending on the area you’re hunting, you may want to use different colors or sizes.  For safety reasons, you may want to hunt from an elevated stand.

Tink’s carries great inflatable decoys if you travel long distances in the woods and want something extra light and will fit easily in a backpack.  Check out the Miss November Inflatable Doe Decoy and the Mr. October Inflatable Buck Decoy.  Their high-def printing on “soft skin” creates a realistic look.  The liner is heavy gauge rubber, but still only around 2 pounds for the doe and 3 pounds for the buck, which comes with detachable antlers.  Decoys can be in standing or bedded positions and come with very light tails that move in any breeze.  You can also purchase the doe decoy as a set that comes with Tink’s Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure and Tink’s Stretch Wicks.