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Deer Funnels

Funnels are the best place to consider placing your tree stand on your South Carolina hunting land.  A funnel, or pinch-point, is a location where a buck’s travel options are limited.  Funnels rarely resemble a perfect hourglass and are usually very subtle.

Deer funnels are very much like a soda bottle.  The large part of the bottle is the area where the deer bed and the outside of the bottle is the area where the deer feed or vice versa.  The neck of the bottle is the low spot where deer can cross a creek.  Deer are the same as people in that they like to take the easiest route.  If that low spot is the easiest place to cross the creek for some distance, a funnel forms, tapering the deer’s travel options from the large area to the narrow area.

There are many situations that create a funnel; you just need to find them!  Some situations that create a funnel are: a brushy fence line crossing a field and connecting two bodies of timber, a low spot along a long stretch of fence, a strip of land between two bodies of water, higher ground in a swamp, a saddle running between two higher points, etc., etc.!  The best place to start when searching for a funnel location is by looking at an aerial map of your South Carolina hunting land.

During pre-rut, you’ll want to try to locate a funnel situation that connects bedding areas since bucks are traveling from one doe bedding area to another.  Be sure you can access your stand as discreetly as possible, since no matter how good of a stand location you find, if you spook a deer getting into it, it’s not a good location.  Another good stand location is a funnel connecting bedding areas to primary feeding areas.  During the rut, does will still have their same feeding patterns, even when the bucks don’t.  Hunting doe funnel areas can be very productive during the rut.