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Deer Season Wrap Up


The 2013 deer season is over in the Carolina’s and for many this is  a time of mixed emotions. Some have been very successful and bagged several deer and filled their freezer. Others are still searching for the elusive trophy to don our walls. A few hunters have had the experience of hunting different deer in different states and locales. A very small few have killed the buck of their dreams, or several bucks of their dreams.

Regardless of where you fall in this list, or even if you aren’t represented in the list at all. One thing is for sure, the majority of us had a great 2013 deer season. Having the opportunity to pursue this magnificent animal for over three months is a blessing. The long deer season in South Carolina enables hunters to hunt using a variety of methods. Whether it is archery, shotgun, pistol, rifle or muzzleloader, the opportunities are available. But regardless of the weapon of choice or the method of choice, the joy of being out there is, for many of us, enough.

Personally, this season was one of my best. Not because I killed the big one – no he again eluded me this season. Rather, because I was able to be with two of my children while they killed bucks. The transition from hunter to mentor for my children coming into the lifestyle is one I welcome and embrace with pride. Introducing my children to the outdoors and sharing my passion for all things wild with my children is something I do not take lightly. I am fortunate that they enjoy (for now) sharing in these moments with me. I would encourage everyone reading, if you have a chance to take a child hunting with you, do so, you will not regret it at all.

This season saw some great weather for hunting, sparse mast production meant more deer were moving in search of food. Good rainfall kept the creeks flowing, and nourished the ground from years of drought.

Now begins the preparation for the 2014 season. There is no time like now to get out there and start locating the bucks that gave you the slip. Move some stands, adjust lanes, identify new travel corridors. Make necessary changes now to prepare for the next season.

As the time of reflection arises and the doldrums of the long wait until opening day begins to overwhelm you. Start planning for next season, and get your game on now to start to new year in advance of opening day.

Besides, there are still many other things to hunt between now and the close of the other seasons. Take those opportunities to get out there and enjoy the outdoors.