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Deer Stands

There are many different types of deer stands, including tree stands, tripods and ground blinds that you can use on yourSouth Carolinahunting land.  The purpose of a deer stand is to allow you to see the deer before it sees you.  A good stand and stand position will protect you from deer seeing, smelling or hearing you, all while allowing you to see him.

The type of stand you choose to use as well as the placement of your stand depends on what type of hunting you plan to do.  If you’re hunting with a rifle, your stand can be further away from where you expect the deer to appear.  This distance alone will provide you with protection from deer spotting you.  However, if you’re archery or crossbow hunting, you’ll need a more effective stand, since you’ll be in much closer contact with the deer.  Using a tree stand in close ranges can be helpful since it puts you out of normal range of vision as well as helps to shield scent and sounds.  If you can hit a deer’s vitals consistently at 30 yards with a bow, you can position a Banks Blind in the center of a 60-yard-wide clover field to intercept any buck traveling through.  This is especially effective during the early season.

Ground stands are effective if you are using high-quality camouflage, such as Realtree camo or Scent-Lok gear.  There are many hunting blinds that hide your movements, muffle sounds and conceal scents.  Banks Stump Blinds are an excellent choice for ground-level hunting.  Deer will often look into the trees for hunters, making the ground a good place to be.  You can camouflage your Banks Stump Blind with natural material like corn husks in order to literally disappear in your surroundings.  Hunting from the ground will most likely give you more close encounters and shooting opportunities than tree stands.  Comfort is also a major factor in hunting from a ground blind.

While the type of deer stand you use is important, the location of your stand is crucial.  Be careful not to position your stand too close to feeding areas (tougher approach/exit), but not too far from your target area.  You also don’t want to be too far or too close to the deer’s travel areas.  Be sure you place your deer stand in a place that is frequented by deer at the same time of the day when you will be hunting.  If you know a buck’s sanctuary area, you may want to consider positioning multiple stands that permit you to hunt his trails leading from the sanctuary during any wind condition.

Get out there, be patient and have confidence in yourself and your equipment.