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Don’t Forget the Girls

According to Kip Adams and the Quality Deer Management Association’s 2012 deer report. The fastest growing segments in the hunting industry are females ages 14-23. Think about that for a minute, in a sport that has been for centuries dominated by the male of our species. The fastest growing groups of hunters are the females.

Ruth with a doe

It’s largely debated as to why this is the case. Some attribute it to the growing popularity of female hunters that are showing up on television. These female hunters are showing young girls that you can enjoy the outdoors, enjoy hunting and fit into a male dominated environment. The likes of Kandi Kisky, Tiffany Lakosky and Vicki Cianciarulo are a few of the plethora of female hunters that fill the air ways.

But perhaps the greatest contributors to the growth of females into the world of hunting are the moms and dads who are taking their daughters. Dads largely are the hunters in families. And it wasn’t that long ago that father’s took their sons into the woods to teach them the way of the woods, how to hunt, and the trappings that go along with being an outdoorsman. Today these same fathers are also taking their daughters, and doing so proudly.

Last year my middle daughter, Ruth showed an interest in hunting. For years I had carried her brothers and sad to say it didn’t dawn on me to see if she would want to go. Today I am thankful that she asked to go along and learn to hunt. Our first hunt together I killed a doe, and she was so proud of the accomplishment. Now Ruth follows me on my trapline, helping set traps, remove animals and is one of the better critter skinners I know. She loves it, and has taught me, that in the outdoors, gender is irrelevant. She is all girl, make-up, earrings, nail polish etc. But when hunting and trapping season arrive she is first to cast aside her heels for hip boots, blouses are replaced with Carhartt overalls. 

Taking aim at a squirrel

I encourage all who read, include your daughters. The memories you make walking along a trapline, sitting in a deer-stand or stalking squirrels are priceless. You will never regret the extra time you spent with your daughters.