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Don’t Forget the Grip


One of the most overlooked components of a compound bow is the grip. Many archers do not even pay attention to the grip, how it feels or how it fits your hand. Having a good consistent grip on the bow can alter the impact point of the arrow if it is not consistent.

Most manufactured bows have a slim grip, this is to cut down on weight and cost. The slim grip is designed to balance the bow. Manufactures expect archers to adjust the grip, or alter the grip to suit their own needs, but in fact this is seldom done.

A quick glance through Lancaster Archery Catalog shows no less than thirty different types of grips to place on your bow. Some are molded, wooden, plastic, acrylic, you name it and it is available.

The grip should be one of the most consistent elements of your bow. Your shooting hand needs to grip the bow exactly the same way all of the time. A well designed grip can help with this. Some grips are designed to alter the angle you hold your bow. Some are designed for comfort, to fatten the grip or make the grip tacky for stronger grip. Others are designed to align your hand to the bow itself. Others are for more aesthetics. Regardless of how you alter your grip, one thing is for sure. The one that comes with the bow is not the best choice available.

One method I have used is to take tennis racquet grip material and wrapping it around the grip of my bow. It is soft, somewhat sticky and comes in a lot of colors. The main purpose of the grip is to help you ensure a consistent hand placement every time you pick up your bow.

Some grips are even adjustable so you can alter the angle your hand is to the bow for increased accuracy and consistency. Regardless of which style you choose, try several different ones until you find one that is comfortable for you and you will see your accuracy increase.