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Don’t Forget the Trees

Don’t Forget the Trees


When people discuss food plots the conversation revolves around annual crops, gains, clovers, brassica’s. Seldom does the conversation ever get to trees. But this is some of the best crops we can plant that will last for generations.

Trees are an important part of any land management plan. From hard mast trees such as sawtooth oaks and chestnut; to soft mast such as pears, apples, persimmon etc. These trees will provide excellent nutrition and protein to the deer and turkeys. (if getting sawtooth oaks for turkeys get the “gobbler oaks” these produce smaller acorns that are easier for turkeys to swallow)

Planting trees in and throughout your plots can enable for long term success of your plots. These trees once they start producing can act as magnets to deer. They will come from miles around to feed on the soft mast and hard mast trees that are more palatable than native browse.

A generation or two ago, farmers planted trees for future generations to benefit from. There are still trees in our yard from my wife’s grandfather and great grandfather. Planting trees for deer is also planting trees for your children and their children. The benefits of these trees can begin in just a few years by producing fruit in five years or less. But the long term benefits out number this when you consider the benefit your children and grandchildren will get from being able to hunt an area that was planted by their grandfather.

How many trees to plant really matters on what you want to accomplish. I have planted five hard mast trees per acre, scattered about, and five soft mast trees per acre scattered about. I intentionally did not follow a pattern but wanted them to look more natural. Except for along the road where I planted a long line of sawtooth oaks along both sides of the road. The sawtooth oaks are twenty feet apart along the road which at maturity should keep the trees from touching but still be good coverage. This road stretches for three hundred yards. While technically these are not in the plot they are along the edge of two different plots so I consider them as part of the plot plan.

In planting the trees, I considered the fact that one of these plots also is a dove field. I wanted the trees to act as shade and as cover for some of the shooters of the dove field that is planted on the apex of the field. Leaving approximately two open acres in the middle of the field.

Planting trees can add to your overall food plot plan. By planting both hard mast and soft mast trees you are adding a benefit to the deer and turkeys while at the same time adding to future generations.