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Earn Money with your Hunting Land

There are endless possibilities when you invest in a piece of recreational property in South Carolina.  Owners of recreational properties have the option to lease out their land while they won’t be using it and profit in the off season.

A major plus for South Carolina recreational property owners is that if they do decide to lease out their hunting property or farmland, the costs associated with maintaining the land are very low.  If you compare recreational investment properties with other property investment ventures, such as commercial spaces, lodging and hotels, etc, you’ll realize how much easier it is to invest in vacant land.  This is also a good reason to keep your hunting or recreational property free of development if possible and keep it as close as possible to its original environmental state.

If you’re interested in leasing out your property, some activities to include in your marketing are hunting, fishing, farming, wildlife watching, and just relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Allowing these activities on your recreational property will help you realize its maximum earnings potential.

If your recreational property is teeming with wildlife as most of our properties for sale in South Carolina are, let people know about it!  Leasing to hunters is an ideal way to keep your property in excellent condition while you’re not using it.  You could also provide some basic amenities for the hunters if you wish, such as a campsite with cooking capabilities or cabin if one is already located on the land.  Many hunters will love the humble, rustic feel of staying out in the wild.

If there are lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water on your land, they just might be packed full of fish.  Providing access to good fishing areas is a great way to utilize your recreational property to gain income with low operating expenses.

Farming is a great way to produce income from your South Carolina recreational property.  Some farms can be funded or assisted by various federal and local government programs.

There are several ways to turn your hunting land into an even greater investment.  Find out what you have available on your land and lease it out to others who want to enjoy nature, but  don’t own their own hunting land!  It’s a win for both parties!