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End of Season Ducks

End of Season Ducks


No doubt this has been a difficult season for waterfowl hunters. Warm weather and well above average rainfall have made finding ducks difficult and the ones we find are difficult to get on with the high water levels. As the season winds down, let’s look at some tactics for getting limit of waterfowl.

Scout and scout some more. Finding ducks that have not been pressured is difficult at this late stage. And finding some that have not been called to and shot at is all but impossible. But scouting can make the difference. Look for birds that are in isolated pockets of larger bodies of water or on smaller bodies of water out of the way of traffic.

Call softly and infrequently. As the season draws to an end, positioning yourself in a likely location will outperform great calling. Placing a few decoys and calling softly and infrequently can often be the difference maker in bringing ducks into your spread.

Midday resting areas are often the best places to hunt. Ducks will often fly later as the season wanes and setting up at their midday resting locations can be the difference maker. Set up a good blind, place a few decoys and wait. Small flocks will come in to the resting areas.

Rivers and moving water will often be the places ducks hide as the season lingers. Floating rivers (motor not in the water) can be the difference maker and provides a lot of fun shooting. Drifting along waterways shooting unsuspecting ducks will often be the best way to get some limits.

The late season is often the best season, hoping for cold fronts to bring in ducks from the north will make for some find hunting. Don’t let the late season pass without offering a chance at some exciting hunting.