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End of the Deer Season

Myron Williams with a fine buick

Myron Williams with a fine buick

As another deer season draws to a close one cannot help buts spend some time reflecting on the season as a whole. For many, it was a great season, as hunters killed the buck of their dreams. For most, it was a season to remember because the buck they were chasing seemed to vanish except on game cameras in the middle of the night. For still others, memories were made as they took a child, spouse or significant other along to experience what we all cherish.

Regardless of where your season in the kill chart. The end of another deer season is something to cherish. As deer hunters in the south as well as across the country we are truly blessed. But for Carolina hunters we are truly blessed because our season runs for over four and half months. We have the privilege hunting deer with temperatures in the triple digits, and single digits in the same season and same state. We can hunt with deer in velvet and all phases of the rut. We have the opportunity to hunt green fields, and harvested fields. We hunt, soft mast, hard mast and post mast. We hunt with the tree full of leaves and you cannot see more than fifteen yards in any direction and we hunt when the leaves are a distant memory and the woods open into another world.

The end of the season brings mixed emotions – we rejoice and celebrate all that was and eagerly await what will be. Excitement mixed with anxiety; did the buck we missed survive another year? Will the cedar stand produce again? Are the food plots going to make? Do I need to move the ridge stand up the hill or down?

All of these thoughts and more rage through our mind as the season draws to a close. Yet it is with a smile on our faces that we reflect and remember that having the privilege to hunt is just that a privilege not a right. Cherishing each moment afield as they are days to prize.

On a personal note, I was able to harvest some fine deer this season. But the highlight was being with my brother in law who at sixty one years old killed his third buck ever, and one of the biggest we’ve ever killed on our property. It was truly a great day. In addition to this, I got to watch as my youngest son took to the woods alone for the first time. Years of tagging along with me, siting with me, killing deer and hogs while I sat and mentored came to fruition as he began his journey of hunting alone. This was a huge step for him, and one we do not take lightly. Education on gun safety, tree stand safety, and ethics have been taught since he could walk. Now it was time to set him off on his own and see what he was made of. While he didn’t kill a deer, he did perform excellent and safe.

2014 deer season was one to remember for many reasons, I am sure for you it was too. As the season ends and the planning for 2015 begins, let’s focus on protecting the great lifestyle we enjoy so much.