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There is some excellent hunting land in South Carolina for sale. South Carolina hunting, investment and recreational properties are many times overlooked in comparison to other Big Buck states. Like the states of the Midwest, South Carolina sees its share of fine deer throughout. With state Boone & Crockett records of 176” typical and 208” non-typical, South Carolina has the potential to grow monster bucks.

South Carolina has 46 counties and ranks 24th among U.S. states by population, containing over $4.6 million people. Our state has almost 700 square miles of lakes, the largest being Lake Marion, covering 110,000 acres. The state fish is the striped bass. South Carolina’s state animal is the white-tailed deer, of which you are sure to find an abundant population.

Wildlife and South Carolina hunting land is very diverse. The mountainous region is home to many species – from the raven and peregrine falcon to black bears, whitetails and Eastern wild turkeys. The black bears live surprisingly close to the highly developed Grand Strand area in the coastal region which includes Myrtle Beach. At the southern point of the state, wildlife is similar to species common to Florida and other subtropical areas. Beavers, foxes, raccoons, bobcats, feral hogs, river otters and opossums are well represented in the state.

The Deep South State of South Carolina is bordered by North Carolina to the north, Georgia to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. It is composed of four geographic areas with four very different options for South Carolina recreational property.

The Blue Ridge Mountains have the highest elevation in South Carolina, which is Sassafras Mountain at 3,560 feet. The Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain chain. There are some breathtaking views in the mountainous area of South Carolina, as well as some great South Carolina hunting land for sale.

The Chattooga River is an awesome place to hike, fish or raft. Over a span of 40 miles, the river falls over 2,000 feet, creating some of the best whitewater rafting in the Southeast. There are many smooth stretches of river great for fishing or just relaxing, but there are also very treacherous portions. Red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, kestrels and several species of owls can be seen or heard here, as well as some beautiful wildflowers. Due to the abundance of wildlife and game species, this would be an excellent area to search for South Carolina hunting land for sale, SC hunting land for lease, or recreational property for sale in SC.

Buzzards Roost Heritage Preserve on Buzzards Roost Mountain is a great place for hiking and seeing some great scenery. Black bears, wild turkeys and bobcats can be seen in this area. There is some great South Carolina hunting property for sale in Walhalla, where Buzzards Roost is located.

The Andrew Pickens District, covering 83,000 acres, is an area in the mountain region with waterfalls, springs, whitewater rafting areas and many miles of trails. Black bears, deer, wild turkey, grouse and many great trout streams can be found here. This Oconee County area has some great South Carolina recreational properties for sale. Oconee State Park is located off SC 107. Here you will find hiking trails, lakes and great forests. Black bears, deer, bobcats and ruffed grouse can be seen here – more excellent South Carolina hunting land!

An interesting place to visit in the mountainous region of South Carolina is the Walhalla State Fish Hatchery. The fish hatchery is a place where you can learn about and see the process that keeps trout swimming in the South Carolina waters. Fish raised at the Walhalla State Fish Hatchery area are released into cold-water streams and rivers in South Carolina by the DNR. Warmwater fish are produced for stocking ponds and warm lakes at the Cheraw Fish Hatchery near Cheraw, SC, located in the sandhills region.

If incredible scenery is what you’re looking for, head to the Foothills Trail area. In this area you will find whitewater rapids, Lake Jocassee and many waterfalls. If you’re looking for some great South Carolina hunting land for lease, don’t forget to check out Lake Jocassee and the surrounding area. Many black bears live in this region, as well as deer and wild turkeys. Eagles, falcons, osprey and hawks can be seen in this area as well. Rainbow and brown trout can be found naturally in area streams. Lake Jocassee is known for its record-breaking trout. A South Carolina hunting land lease would allow you to explore this awesome region.

For some of the greatest scenery in upstate South Carolina, head to Table Rock State Park. The hardwood forest provides excellent habitat for black bears, bobcats and many other mammals. Table Rock is also home to amazing South Carolina recreation properties and South Carolina ranches for sale.

The Piedmont (upstate region) is a hilly, reforested area which contains the state’s capital, Columbia. Here you will find some great South Carolina farms for sale as well as beautiful South Carolina country land for sale.

The Clemson/Fant’s Grove Wildlife Management Demonstration Area was developed by Clemson University and the DNR. The demonstration areas are excellent places to learn about different habitats as well as pick up some land management tips. Many of the areas are managed to attract deer and turkey, as well as other game. Some great South Carolina real estate recreational properties can be found here.

Totaling 153,000 acres of water, Savannah District Lakes (commonly known as South Carolina’s “freshwater coast”) are three lakes (Hartwell, Russell and Thurmond) built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 128,000 acres of public land that are actively managed for wildlife surround the lakes. Over 150 food plots surround Lake Thurmond alone. Many organizations have worked together to focus attention on wildlife in the area including the Corps, DNR, National Audubon Society, National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited and Quail Unlimited. South Carolina hunting land in this region is a great investment.

The Chester and Union County Wild Turkey Management Demonstration Areas are excellent places to see how good land management can attract wildlife. You can see whitetails, turkeys, red-tailed hawks, raccoons, etc. But if you really just want to see some great white-tailed deer, check out Sumter National Forest. 168,000 acres of woods and rivers create awesome South Carolina recreational properties. The dry forests to the swampy river-bottom forest create a habitat that attracts a great variety of wildlife. An abundant population of game species can be found here. The best time for viewing wildlife is in the spring and fall.

The Broad River Waterfowl Management Area is a great place for fishing and bird-watching. Wood ducks, mallards, Canada geese and great blue herons are just some of the wildlife you might see by the river.

Near York, SC, you will find Kings Mountain State Park, which contains bobcats, gray foxes, barred owls, wood ducks, Canada geese and many other mammals, reptiles and amphibians. We can help you find the perfect York, South Carolina hunting land for sale.

If you’re looking for a great fishing spot, check out Lake Wateree Dam/Lugoff Access Area. A DNR survey found hundreds of great blue herons here. Several species of ducks and egrets are found in huge numbers here as well.

The Sandhills are located further inland in an area which used to be the SC coast millions of years ago. The Sandhills are the smallest region in South Carolina.

Aiken is the largest city in the Sandhills region and is known for its equestrian nature. The Imperial Cup and The Holiday Cup are held in Aiken each year, along with several other polo matches. Aiken is an excellent place to look for South Carolina farms for sale.

Harbison State Forest is located near the state capital. Its 2,176 acres make this a great place to observe wildlife in the Sandhills. Through the hardwoods and riverfront forest, you’ll spot quail, turkeys, deer, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, fox squirrels and many other common mammals. The Native Habitat Learning Center is also located in Columbia, where owls, bluebirds and squirrels live in the nesting boxes.

The Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge is located near McBee, SC. Turkeys, deer and quail are drawn to the food plots here. Also near McBee is Sugarloaf Mountain, which serves as a premier nature viewing area. This is an excellent area to search for South Carolina hunting land for sale.

The Coastal Plains run along the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast. The Coastal Plains are broken up into three areas – the Grand Strand, the Santee River Delta and the Sea Islands. If you’re looking for South Carolina farms for sale, look no further – there are some excellent farmland properties on the flat terrain. The Coastal Plains are the largest of the four geographic areas of South Carolina.

Many people go to the Upper Santee Swamp of Lake Marion to fish for bass, catfish and bream. With a small boat, you can see some very interesting swampland included in these 16,000 acres. Alligators are often seen here as well. Santee State Park near the town of Santee is 2,496 acres of lakes, nature trails, sinkholes and caverns. Wildlife food plots within the park attract wild turkeys, deer and many other animals. You’re most likely to see wild turkeys here in the winter. The Santee National Wildlife Refuge is also nearby, with over 15,000 acres of lakes, ponds, wetlands and upland areas. You’ll find quail, wading birds, killdeer, ospreys, swans, Canada geese and about 20 species of ducks here in the winter months. Don’t forget to check out this area when looking for South Carolina hunting land for sale.

Within the 250,000 acres of The Francis Marion National Forest, you will find just about every kind of animal and plant within the coastal plains. Wild turkeys and deer are abundant in the Santee River Bottomlands section. Hunting is allowed in many areas of the forest.

There are some great wildlife centers in the coastal plains that are surrounded by great South Carolina hunting property. The Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center is located near Georgetown, SC. The three islands that make up the Center were once a hunting preserve, but now a premier nature preserve and research center. Wild turkeys and deer are abundant on the nature preserve. The Donnelley Wildlife Management Area is an 8,000+ acre low-country habitat where you may see alligators, wild turkeys, doves, quail, eagles and other avian species. The Webb Wildlife Management Area is located near Garnet, SC. Hunters and anglers have known this area for a long time to be a recreational Mecca. The property is managed for deer, quail and turkeys and the ponds are stocked with bass, bluegill and shellcracker. The St. Stephen Fish Lift/Jack Bayless Hatchery is where the DNR produces large populations of striped bass, white bass and hybrids for the state’s lakes.

There are special rules and regulations associated with hunting big game species in South Carolina, particularly alligators, which is random selection by draw. Before hunting in South Carolina, be sure to check with the Department of Natural Resources for permit and license laws or click here.

South Carolina’s liberal bag limits, season longevity and mild climate add to the year-round outdoor enjoyment available in this gem of a state. Coupled with a growing QDM mentality from the Coast to the Foothills, this state promises value to hunters in many ways. An overabundance of game throughout the state provides a diverse opportunity to hunt or enjoy watching whitetail deer, bear, alligator, coyotes, feral or wild hogs, turkey, small game (quail, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, opossum, fox, beaver, bobcat, mink, muskrat, otter, skunk, grouse and weasel) and birds (dove, marsh hens, rails, woodcock, common snipe, moorhens, ducks, mergansers and geese). Throw in fishing opportunities throughout the state’s rivers and lakes and the potential South Carolina land buyer has many family entertainment resources at their convenience.

With one of the fastest growing state populations nationwide, South Carolina’s lands promise to be a great investment for years to come. Simply put, South Carolina Land is in Demand!

An abundance of farms, timber and raw land invite potential buyers from all over the country wanting to enjoy South Carolina’s resources. Offering many diverse properties for sale, our knowledgeable Land Specialists can point you in the right direction in your search for that special purchase of South Carolina recreational hunting land.