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Fence line funnels

Everyone knows how great it is to create funnels on your South Carolina hunting land.  They can make your hunting experience much more successful.

Fence lines can serve as excellent funnels between woodlots.  They provide great cover along open farm country for both the deer and the hunter.  Whitetail deer naturally graze along the edges of fences and brushy fence lines provide distinct edge habitat.  Many times you’ll find rubs and scrapes along fence lines.

It’s best to hunt fence lines during the early part of the season.   Deer are still in the summer feeding pattern at this time, bedding close to primary food sources.  Look for deer trails that run parallel to a fence that divides crop fields.  Prune some brush and lower the top fence strand a few notches.  You can do this by pulling the top strand down and using a zip tie.  Oftentimes deer will utilize a low spot in a fence.

Deer will also utilize low spots on a timber fence.  Sometimes they’ll even walk 100 yards just to jump a low spot.  If there are fences on your hunting property, walk the fence and find any low spots.  These might be the key to your success next season.