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Feral Hog Hunting in South Carolina

Feral Hog Hunting in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has scheduled three feral hog (also known as wild boars) hunts on North Island in Georgetown County this month.  The hunts are scheduled for February 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26 from sunrise to sunset.  This is part of an ongoing effort to remove and eliminate feral hogs from North Island.

There are approximately 4-5 million wild hogs in the United States and that number is not likely to go down.  They reproduce quickly and survive easily in the wild.  These hogs are believed to be smarter than dogs and often difficult to hunt.  Wild hogs eat eggs of game birds like quail, turkey and grouse, they kill lambs & calves, run off deer and wild turkeys, and destroy hunters’ food plots.

“Feral hogs have continued to multiply on the island, causing destruction to the landscape and native plants, jeopardizing the nesting success of ground-nesting birds as well as sea turtle nests scattered along the beaches of this barrier island,” said Jamie Dozier, wildlife biologist with the SCDNR.

For more information on the hog hunts on North Island, contact the Yawkey Wildlife Center at (843) 546-6814.