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Find the Girls to get the Bucks


As November gets going the rut is still active in many parts of the Carolina’s. Hunters are seeing and killing more big bucks. There are many common denominators that occur this time of year.

First, the bucks begin to let their guard down. They are simply not as cautious as before. When bucks get love on the brain, they are akin to teenage boys at an all-girl school. They cannot think with their heads. To capitalize on this, hunters looking to score need to find the does to find the boys. If hunting big mature deer, focusing on where the does will be is one of the best places to start.

Does are looking for food and rest. That is about it this time of year. Fining good reliable food can make all of the difference when it comes to late fall success. Does are looking for every acorn, nut, they can find. Bucks searching for receptive does will not be far behind.

During this time of year, does are still in groups from two to six or more. These groups will attract bucks looking for estrus does. When he finds one he will cut her out of the herd and follow and pester her until she is receptive to his advances. Often during this chasing, his mind is on only one thing and this can lead him to letting his guard down just long enough for a hunter to make a killing shot.

Food plots, acorn ridges, hard mast bottoms, and clear-cuts are all great places to set up during this time of year. As the does are looking for food, the bucks can and will find them and follow them to your waiting stand. For success during this time, find the does and they can lead you to the bucks.