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Frog Gigging

One of the greatest summer treats for my children is frog gigging. As youngsters, I was looking for a way to introduce them to the outdoors. This childhood pastime of mine came to mind and I began taking them. I never dreamed this would be the catalyst to bring them into the outdoor lifestyle.

            Frog gigging is a great method of introducing children into the outdoors. Its relatively easy with a high success rate. It’s inexpensive to do, and there are plenty of frogs to go around. Couple this with the great table fare and there is no reason not to take a kid gigging.

Most of the properties in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia have some water source on them. Farm ponds being ideal habitat for bull frogs, these ponds are usually covered with fine bull frogs that are a treat for many to test their skill and a great way to entertain during the hot summer months.

The method is simple. While a lot of frog hunters use boats as a way to ambush frogs, I prefer walking the banks. The method is simply, by walking slowly and quietly along with a flashlight shining the banks in front of us looking for bull frogs sitting along the edge of the pond. One person holds the light on the frog while the other uses a gig (which looks like a small four pronged fish spear) and gigs the frogs through the back or top of the head. We then remove the frog and place them in a feed sack to clean and eat later.

Grilled Frog Legs!

My thirteen year old daughter loves nothing more that gigging frogs. It has become her preferred outdoor activity. Preferring it to hunting or fishing, she readily goes with me to gig some frogs. The high success adds to their excitement.

Cleaning frog legs is relatively easy. Cut the legs off at the hip joint and remove the skin with pliers. While most who have eaten frog legs usually fry them, I prefer to grill them. The meat is tender and delicious. Soaking the legs for a few hours in a simple brine of water and salt will help the flavor.

Land owners and managers looking for a method of introducing kids to the outdoors should consider the $3.00 investment in a good gig and take the kids frog gigging. It will build memories and lasting stories to tell as they grow. Plus, for many of us, it takes us back to our childhood days when we too wandered around a pond at night looking for frogs.