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Guns for Concealed Carry


Trying to write a story for different guns for concealed carry is like trying to pick out a wife for someone you’ve never met. It can be done, but you are treading on thin ice the whole time you are there. That being the case, this will just be an overview of basic, and I mean basic information on selecting a gun to carry concealed.

The premise of this is that the gun must be carried concealed. That eliminates a whole host of guns that are quite simply too big to carry concealed even if they fall under the guidelines of size by the letter of the law. The gun should also be comfortable to carry concealed. It should be of adequate size to do the job, be small enough to carry concealed and be a gun you are proficient shooting.

Some of the popular carry guns include the .380 LCP, the 9MM in a variety of sizes and styles, the .38, .45, .45 ACP, and the .357. Some ever carry the diminutive .22 Long rifle. All of these, with the exception of the .22 are capable of stopping a would be assailant with the right ammunition and accurate shooting.

The bigger calibers are bigger guns and therefore a tad more difficult to keep concealed. This is especially true of the 1911 versions of the .45, .45 ACP and the .357. But there are models available to carry that can keep these in smaller sizes. Over the past several years the .380 has gained a lot of momentum as a carry gun. It is effective, and comes in a small frame to allow carry in pockets and purses. The S&W 9MM Shield is a great small carry gun with effective capacity and small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Whether you choose a semi-automatic or a revolver is more of a matter of choice. However, if choosing the revolver, consider the hammerless version for its ability to be drawn from the pocket, holster or purse and not get the hammer hung on clothing or other items. Personal preference also dictates a gun with a safety. Some popular guns for carrying concealed do not have a safety, rather have a very tough trigger pull. Again, as a matter of preference, I don’t want a gun on my side that does not have a safety to prevent accidental firings.

Carrying concealed is a great responsibility. Therefore whichever gun you choose to carry, make sure you shoot it and shoot it often. Being proficient and confident you can hit your target provides a lot of confidence in your ability to act and act well when and if the situation arises. Take the time and spend the money to shoot your carry gun often enough that you are proficient at handling, loading, unloading and firing your gun at appropriate targets.