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Guns for Home Defense


Home Defense Guns


This is another can of worms here. What is the best home defense gun? Quite simply it is THE gun you are most comfortable handling and shooting. For some that is a shotgun, for others it is a semi-auto pistol and others it’s a double action revolver. Here are some of the reasons for each.

Without question to many experts, the 12 gauge shotgun is the best all-around home defense gun. It carries a big punch, doesn’t have to be aimed precisely, and is relatively easy to handle in tense situations. The 12 gauge shotgun can and does carry enough energy and ballistic coefficient to stop and intruder in his tracks. Loaded with some of the new home defense rounds, or buckshot the 12 gauge can and does defend many homes. A recommendation is to get one designed for use in tight quarters. One that can be shouldered or shot from the hip as the situation warrants.

Semi-auto pistols are also popular. Especially in the 9MM, .45 and .45 ACP rounds. These cartridges are readily available for practice and the guns are relatively affordable. Magazine capacity, safety designs and trigger pull vary widely be3tween makers and models. Find a range that allows you to test a gun before you have to lay out all of that cash. The calibers listed are minimums for home protection. But in all cases get the hottest loads you can such as the P+, P+P, and the P++ which offer hollow point loads that are designed for maximum expansion at close range.

Double action revolvers are another great choice. These are easy to handle, and maneuver. Simply pull the trigger and it fires. Keep pulling the trigger and it keeps firing.

The double action revolvers do not tend ot come in the same calibers as the semi-autos for some reason. But some popular alternatives are the .357, .38 special and the .41 magnum. However ten years ago, Taurus released a revolver known as the Judge that is a great home defense and personal defense gun. The Judge shoots a 2 ½” .410 shot shell as well as the .45 Long Colt cartridge. The ability to shoot a shot shell makes the Judge a great home defense gun.

It cannot be over stated that the best gun to own is the one you are most comfortable shooting. This is obtained by taking the time to go to the range and shooting the gun over and over. Ammunition is cheap compared to the knowledge and comfort of knowing that your gun is ready, and you are ready should a situation arise.

Guns for home defense are largely a personal choice. Based on a lot of areas of comfort. The bet recommendation is to go to a range and shoot a variety of guns, until you find one you really like and use that one for your home protection. Shoot it often and remember to store it in an accessible location that is also safe from prying eyes and fingers. The laws vary somewhat, but in most cases, if a child gets hurt with a gun, the adult who owns the gun is responsible for the actions of the minor. Be careful, be safe and be prepared.