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Hearing Enhancement and Protection


Hearing Enhancement and Protection


For some reason, men, and I say men because it seems to be truer with them, think it is not masculine to wear earplugs or any other device when shooting firearms. Countless times while on a range, I am faced with guys who often remove earplugs, or do not put them in at all. It is as if they feel they are losing some of their masculinity by wearing hearing protection.

That was me too some thirty years ago. Granted, that long ago we did not understand the damage firearms can cause to our hearing. On many occasions, I would go to the range and fire a few rounds from my handguns and my ears would ring for days. Cotton balls were used to help block out the sound. While it was better than nothing, it was just barely better than nothing.

Today we are fortunate enough to have a host of options for hearing enhancement and protection. The issue facing hunters and shooters today is not the brands, or technology, it is still the stigma that goes along with wearing them.

Besides the obvious ringing in the ears. Sportsmen must learn that hearing loss is permanent. It cannot be regained. Once it is gone, it is gone. Shooting thousands of rounds through handguns, shotguns and rifles will cause tremendous hearing loss. And as someone that has hearing loss can attest. It is not fun to have to continue to ask people to repeat themselves because you were stubborn and didn’t wear protection.

I am by no means an expert on hearing enhancement or hearing loss. This is just from my experience. I have tried several brands of hearing enhancement and protection and several offer similar protection and results. One thing I have learned is that the muff style, while effective is just too bulky and too blame hot to wear most of the year. This factor could be one of the contributing reasons people are reluctant to use them. If they are not comfortable and if they interfere with our shooting, we are less likely to wear them. Here is where the inner ear versions excel.

Silynx Clarus Pro hearing enhancement and protection

Silynx Clarus Pro hearing enhancement and protection

Again I have not tried them all, but I have tried several and recently I was asked to try a brand that is new to the hunting industry. They have been around for decades but focused on the military. Silynx (www.silynxcom.com) hearing enhancement and protection has a military grade enhancement and protection unit that fits inside the ear and works exceptionally well. Its design is different in that it has a separate battery unit that clips onto your belt, cap, shirt or wherever is comfortable for you to put it. Earbuds are fitted inside your ear via several different sizes of foam for a more custom fit. With four levels of enhancements it is possible to hear a shrew thinking about dinner at one hundred yards. Ok, a slight exaggeration. But suffice to say, the levels of enhancement are so well defined that they can be tailored to your comfort level. As with many other brands, the Silynx Clarius Pro has instant block at high decibels. Which means that the muzzle blast is blocked out and they act as protection. This unit runs about $250 which is at the top of many budgets but how much is too much to protect your hearing?

Whether you use this brand or another, the key point is that all gun hunters and shooters need to have some type of haring protection and enhancement while afield. The negative of wearing earplugs afield because you cannot hear nature or your partner is averted with the combination units of enhancement and protection.

Protect your hearing, teach your kids and others to protect their hearing and you will encourage others to make wise decisions in doing the same.