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Hit or Miss?

How many times have your eyes been fooled by the location of a hit while out on your South Carolina hunting land bowhunting?  It happens more often than not, but for good reason.  Most shots are taken in less than optimal lighting conditions, during dusk or dawn and in forest shadows.  For that matter, your eyes can be fooled even in the best lighting situations when it comes to bowhunting.

Whitetail deer have extremely quick reflexes.  Oftentimes, a deer will start reacting before an arrow even reaches them.  This means that the arrow can be in a very different position when it connects from when the arrow was released.  Sometimes it can be hard to even tell if the buck was hit at all.  They might not give any indication that they were hit at all.

Another problem when bowhunting on your hunting land can be that you can lose sight of your arrow completely.  A good thought process is to always assume that your arrow hit.  After waiting a minimum or 30 minutes, quietly make your way to the area to search for your arrow and/or blood sign.

If you’ve searched and searched and can’t find blood sign, examine the ground carefully.  Subtle signs can lead you to the deer’s path.  Check for disturbed vegetation, ground debris, broken twigs, and grass or fresh tracks.  If you still can’t find any clues, the natural lay of your South Carolina hunting property should point you to the most likely path your buck took.  Be patient and examine carefully.  You should get a good idea as to the direction your buck went.