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It’s Getting Close to Time

It’s getting Close to Time


          The middle of March for many areas is the beginning of turkey season across the south. Other areas have to wait an additional two weeks. Now is the time to get ready and get prepared for turkeys.

Mastering all types of calls are important to killing turkeys (Photo by Pete Rogers)

Unlike other forms of hunting across South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, hunting turkeys is a game of patience and persistence. The old adage, ‘hurry up and wait’ is so true when chasing gobblers across the southeast.

As the time draws near, now is when I begin digging out my calls, inspect them for damage, tune them, and check them for correct sound. This is also a great time to begin practicing for calling. Like most turkey hunters, I don’t practice year around, instead I begin in early to mid-March getting my calling skills honed and polished.

Sanding slate calls, chalk on boxes, testing diaphragm’s for tears or stretches makes for a perfect time to practice. Case in point, particularly with slate calls, learning the pressure that needs to be applied is critical. Some slate takes a good deal of pressure to make the desired sound, while others are very soft and subtle.

Another thing that is important is your vest. Going through your vest will ensure that you have all of the tools at your fingertips. After inspecting my calls, and doing some practice, I will actually begin placing them in the vest and learn their location so I can find the desired call without having to look. Different strikers, different diaphragms in different pockets all make sense at that moment when you need that different sound.

Checking your calling equipment will ensure that you have what you need when you need it to successfully harvest that long beard.