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Land Partnerships

Many times, cost is what keeps potential landowners from realizing their dream of owning their own piece of South Carolina hunting land.  Certain properties can be too expensive and cash flow from hunting land is often very minimal in the short term.  Great South Carolina hunting properties can come in the form of low intensity farms or grazing grounds.

However, if you’re utilizing your hunting land, you won’t be motivated to sell and can allow the investment to appreciate over time.  This makes owning hunting property that you use a sound financial investment.  You will be able to wait for the best opportunity to realize investment gains if you are enjoying the property.  Many times, buyers will be interested in your hunting land for farming or other non-recreational use, which will generate a higher sales price.  You may even be able to negotiate hunting rights.

Even though you can make your hunting land profitable in the long term, you still need cash flow to leverage your property.  Something to strongly consider in this case is to take on a partner in your purchase.  Two or more partners can get together and purchase a piece of hunting land that will provide enough opportunity to satisfy several hunters.

You should put your arrangement in writing and set it so that each partner can experience some great hunting on their own land.  It is also a good idea to create rules regarding financial arrangements in your documents.  All partners should be able to enjoy the benefits of owning his own land including hunting, managing resources, wildlife conservation, and control over activities on the land.

Purchasing hunting land with partners can make land ownership affordable.  Even though financial benefits are hard to see in the short term, you will when it comes time to sell your South Carolina hunting land.  For many hunters, a land partnership will provide all the hunting experience they need, while others can go on to purchase their own.  Invest your money in something that provides you immediate enjoyment but also provides future financial gain and purchase hunting land now, whether alone or through a land partnership.

The Land Specialists at Elliott Recreational Properties can help you with your partnership agreements.  Call us today and realize your dream!