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Let ‘Em Go…

One of the hardest things for many hunters to do is to let small bucks go.  It is also one of the most important.  If you own your own piece of South Carolina or North Carolina hunting land, it might not be quite so hard, but in a heavily hunted area, it can really test your patience to let small bucks go when you know the next hunter will most likely take him down.  On your own slice of Carolina hunting property, you have the option to let smaller bucks go and allow them to grow a few years and have a decent chance of seeing them the following year.  You also have the opportunity to feed them and keep them healthy and strong during the winter months, also increasing your chances of keeping them on your hunting land.

Let ‘Em Go Let ‘Em Grow is definitely easier said than done, but makes too much sense to ignore.  Even if you don’t see that same buck the following year, the first time you do see a big buck that you let go previously, you will instantly know it was worth the wait and your patience paid off.