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Mastering the Pot Call


Also known as the slate call, the Pot call is one of the simplest calls to begin fooling turkeys. The pot call uses a piece of slats, glass, crystal, ceramic, aluminum, etc. as a striking surface and a piece of wood or carbon as a striker to mimic the sound of a turkey.

By holding the striker against the surface of the call and drawing small circles, a user can make very convincing Yelps. Likewise, holding the striker and making very short strokes towards yourself the caller can make very good Clucks. Put these in combination and you have some very effective calls.

The pot call is one of my personal favorites due to its ability to make many different sounds. Simply by changing strikers, you can change the pitch of the sound dramatically. A slate call using a hard wood striker sounds completely different from the same call using a carbon striker. Conversely, some surfaces lend themselves to specific strikers.

Charles Hudson of Travelers Rest, SC prefers a crystal surface with a solid carbon striker. This “gives me the sound I have the most success with.” Hudson says. Other hunters may prefer a different combination. But all can work at different times.

As a traditionalist, I personally prefer the sweet sound of a real slate call with a hardwood striker. However, I also am smart enough to know that under the right circumstances, an aluminum call is what the Tom wants to hear. That is why in my vest you will find a Slate, (Two different kinds) a crystal call, glass, ceramic and aluminum and half a dozen strikers.

The Pot call is easy to use, light to transport and a great product to master. This call is great for learning how to call turkeys. It can be used in a variety of settings and with a little practice can mimic all of the calls of the turkey. The pot call is my go to call when I really want to kill a bird. Besides the box call (more on that next time) the slate or pot call is without question responsible for the demise of more turkeys than other calls combined.

If you have not taken the time to learn to use the pot call, do yourself a favor and get the slate out and begin drawing circles and short strokes. A good yelp and cluck is all that you need under the right situations.