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Must Have Equiment

          As hunters and outdoorsmen and women, we all have passion about certain pieces of equipment. From favorite stands, to rifles, bows and even specific clothing that we feel good about. This being the case, we all have a list of “must have” pieces of equipment that are always found in our packs. Below is my list. Yours may differ a bit here and there, but for most of us, these are the top ten. I am not including the pack, bag or vest used to carry these items, just what is in the bag, pack or vest.

  1. Toilet Paper – I list this first for the obvious reason. But it also has many other functions. From trail marking when following a blood trail, to fire starting. Regardless it is always in my pack – an option are the travel tissue packs that are self-sealed and provide the same function.
  2. Compass – I know many of you believe that you know your land well enough that you don’t need a compass. However, on more than one occasions I have found mine to be indispensable. Especially when trailing a deer. From my stand I will take a compass reading of the last place I saw the deer as it tried to escape. That bearing will help tremendously when I get down and go to the location. One or two degrees of variation will lead me down the wrong trail. Secondly, it serves its original purpose of getting you back to your camp or truck. Many occasions, while still hunting or trailing, I am looking down at the ground and not really paying attention to where I am, especially in the dark. My compass will save the day.
  3. Knife – this may seem obvious, but I am continually amazed at the number of hunters who do not have a knife on their person or pack. You should carry a good fixed blade skinning knife and a good folding skinning knife. These will get you through most situations.
  4. Windicator – or other wind tracker. Many manufacturers are now using scentless powder in bottles to help hunters determine thermals and wind direction. Now that these are available, I never hunt without one.
  5. Flashlight – again something that may seem obvious to some, but again I am amazed at how many hunters go into the woods without a flashlight. I prefer the headlight for hands free operation, but as a backup I carry the small Bushnell handheld LED flashlight.
  6. Gloves – regardless of the time of season, hands give hunters away. During the warm weather of early season, I prefer the mesh gloves or during the cold the thick mittens. Either way, I carry gloves
  7. Face mask –  since I wear glasses, I opt for face makeup. Long before the duck dynasty made it popular I was using face paint to hide the glare of my skin. Wearing a mask fogs my glasses and makes it difficult to see. Whether you prefer a mask or makeup, every pack needs to have some sort of face covering.
  8. Pruners – These hand held devices save more hunts than I can remember. From pruning limbs around your stand, to opening shooting lanes. The small hand held pruners are a must have in every pack. I often use them while walking to my stand to trim small limbs from the trail to keep from brushing against them.
  9. Bow/Gun holder – I am a recent convert to this apparatus, however since I discovered it I will not hunt without it. The convenience of having a place to hang your bow or gun gives your hands a rest, and also provides a safe place to keep the gun/bow while on stand.
  10.  Binoculars – While this item should not be in your pack but on your person I cannot state enough how important the use of binoculars are. I see far too many hunters who use their scope to scan the woods and fields for game. Forgetting the basic rule, of “never point your gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot” it’s just not safe. Using binoculars will find more game, be a safer use of optics and binoculars weight seven pounds less than your rifle. They are indispensable in finding game.

These are the top things found in my pack. I cannot nor will I go hunting without these at a minimum. Like most there are also other items in my pack. Game calls, lighter, GPS, extra socks, and others. We each have our own “must have” list and while yours may differ from mine, this will at least get you to thinking.


NOTE: I intentionally left off the Safety Harness – this items should be on every person not in your pack. It will not do you any good unless you are wearing it. More about safety harnesses on the next post.