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National Deer Alliance



National Deer Alliance


A little over a year ago, the QDMA hosted the first ever Whitetail summit. A meeting, conference and dialogue session to bring together the most dedicated minds and persons in the whitetail world. Many great ideas came out of this meeting, one of which is the National Deer Alliance.

The whitetail summit saw a need to bring together all organizations and personnel who have a passion for deer and deer hunting. This new alliance was abruptly named the National Deer Alliance. Some of the names of those who have fallen in line of support behind the NDA are; The Quality Deer Management Association, Whitetails Unlimited, The Mule Deer Foundation. Also many corporate sponsors have seen the need of participating in the NDA. Look across all major brands and you will see full support behind the NDA.

As the fledgling organization has grown and developed it has become clear that the purpose is to become one voice for all deer and deer hunting. The common core here is a group of people who love deer, love deer hunting and want to ensure that deer and deer hunting is here for our children and grandchildren.

A bit of an editorial if I may at this point. As a passionate hunter of all game, the statistics are staggering when I look at deer and deer hunters. No other group of hunters seem to be so fragmented, and so opposed to one another than deer hunters. We have bow hunters who argue against gun hunters and vice versa. We have muzzle loader hunters who want to do away with modern firearms, and by god don’t even mention the crossbow revolution. We have still hunters who despise stand hunters and spot and stalk hunters who believe that hunting from a stand is for sissy’s. I have listened to hunters almost come to blows over whether or not a shotgun is a lethal weapon for whitetails. It is time we all got together and supported our sport with our time and our money. Hunting with a crossbow may not be my thing, but it is legal, and brings more people into the sport, so why not support it. It is legal and brings joy to the user so I support it. I have never hunted with a muzzleloader but I support those who choose to chase deer with this weapon.

The National Deer Alliance seeks to unite all deer hunters into one voice. It seeks to inform, educate and bring to the forefront all things that are important to deer hunters.

The best part is it is 100% free to join and to participate in the NDA. All that is needed is to go their website and register. You will receive emails about all things relating to deer and deer hunting.

I believe it is time for all deer hunters to get together and to unite support organizations like the QDMA, and the NDA. We can all benefit from the uniting of our methods, and our voice. If you have not joined yet, you can do so by following this link.