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NEW Products from the Archery Trade Association (ATA Show)

ATA Show – New products for 2013


Prime Bow by G5 Outdoors new Parallel Cam

This past week I attended the Archery Trade Association (ATA) annual trade show in Louisville, KY. This show unlike many others is not open to the public. Rather, it’s an opportunity for manufacturers of archery related equipment to show off their new products for 2013 to dealers and buyers. This show has been outstanding. The myriad of equipment available to the archer is mind boggling and overwhelming at first. It takes a few hours to begin to soak it all in.

Bows, arrows, rests, sights, targets and more targets. Crossbows, bolts and all of the accessories is the largest I personally have ever seen. (more about that next week). Tree stands, game cameras, scent control products, clothing, and every accessory you can imagine for the archer. While I could write a lot about the different elements, I want to highlight what I saw as the Best of the Best in regards to new equipment for 2013.

Close up of the G5 Outdoors Parallel Cam available only on their PRIME bow line

While this is not an exhaustive list, it’s my opinion of some of the finest designs, and developments in the industry.

Bows – There are a lot of great bows this year, all of the major brands have new models. To most hunters, they will notice little difference besides name and decals. However PRIME has set the bar as high as I’ve seen it since the single cam bows were launched.

PRIME bows have raised the bar with their parallel cam technology – yes you read that correct, Parallel Cams. Each cam is really 2 cams fused together – (I’m sure it’s more technical than that) but the effect is incredible. Archers who shoot dual cam bows have always dealt with Cam lean – when the torque of the bow forces the cam to bend or lean one way or another. The new Parallel Cam design totally eliminates this and the accuracy is incredible. After shooting the PRIME IMPACT – I noticed a very smooth draw, solid back wall that is rock still. And a smooth release with zero vibration.

While there are other improvements to the PRIME, this is the most significant design change. All five of the models in the PRIME line carry the new parallel cam technology. While this bow isn’t cheap, its price point is in line with other top end bows. You cannot go wrong with the PRIME bows. Perhaps this new PRIME bow is the best of the best.  www.g5prime.com


Easton and Beamon lead the way in the arrow market as they have for decades. All of the models are outstanding. This year, the Micro diameter Easton AXIS shines above the rest for a hunting arrow. These are all in the same price point as before and give outstanding performance. www.eastonarchery.com


There are a plethora of accessories for the archer in today’s market many are great products and great buys. These are the ones that caused immediate raising of the eye brows and caused me to linger and get much more information about.

SpiderWeb Garment by Scent Blocker Incorporates a safety harness system directly into the garment.

Scent Blocker – SpiderWebs garments combines what Scent Blocker and Robinson Technologies does best. Scent control and safety. These clothes incorporate everything from scent control and safety into one. The bib overalls, incorporate a safety harness system that is sewn directly into the suit. Simply put it on, climb your tree and latch on. You are done. No excuse not to wear your safety harness when it’s built into your suit. What a great design and idea.  www.robinsonoutdoors.com

Bushnell Range finders and binoculars:

For decades Bushnell has been a leader in optics for hunters. Their new Gforce 1300 exceeds all range finders on the market. It has a compact size, light weight and the ARC technology built right in. Options to help hunters include, brightness adjustments, target or brush, and for rifle hunters, ballistic calculators that give you the correct ballistic calculations for your particular firearm. Set it and when you range your animal, the GForce 1300 gives you the correct hold over for your shot. Couple this with an easy focal lens and there are none better out there.

The new Bushnell Fusion 1 mile Laser range finder Binocular is a game changer. This binocular has some of the best glass you will look through. Clear, crisp and for a combo unit of range finder and binocular it’s light weight. Independent eye focal rings, and a clear range finder that incorporates the same features found in their top end range finders. This unit is outstanding.   www.bushnell.com


The Wedge – From Extreme Hunting Solutions

The old saying is the best invention is the simple ones. If ever there was an “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment it was when I saw this new “Wedge” from Extreme Hunting Solutions. For game camera users that have ever looked for and used sticks to adjust the angle of your camera – now there is a better solution. “The Wedge” from Extreme Hunting Solutions. Is a pack of small wedges that slide behind your game camera adjusting the angle. While this sounds ok, they actually thought of everything – the four pack actually can connect or stack together to make the wedge larger and more aggressive. This device will soon be found on thousands of cameras across the country. And for less than $8.00 it’s well worth the price.  www.extremehuntingsolutions.com


While these are only a sample of the great new products available this year rest assured that the industry is strong, innovation is changing even as I write this. Brands are pushing the limits and things are only going to be better for the archer in the years to come.